Your Creative Resources

With stockpiles of coloring pages, inspirational reference photos, and practice pages to test out your new skills, you'll never feel "blocked" or get bored with coloring. Creativity needs to be nourished, and we help you with that!


Exercise your creativity with 30 hand drawn high quality original pages created specifically for coloring.

Printable PDF pages are easier to color than a double sided page stuck in a book! You can print and color all the pages without having to pick and choose which page to leave uncolored for fear of your pages getting ruined with bleed-through.

  • Print on the paper that works best for the media you're using
  • Choose your print size
  • Print as many times as you want

Each module contains 1 class page plus 4 more pages to color "on your own" by applying the techniques you learned from the class page.


Beautiful full color reference photos related to the class themes, and digital prints of the instructor's work - the ultimate reference photos for every class page.

  • Saves hours of time that you would otherwise spend searching Google images to find your own reference photos
  • Lets you see color examples and get ideas and inspiration to help in your coloring process
  • High res digital print of the finished work acts as your best reference, and gives you something to frame and hang on your wall


Each coloring page comes with a companion practice page containing a small practice image, a notes section, and a color swatch section.

Planning your color scheme before hand means:

  • You get an overview of how each page is going to look before you start the actual coloring page
  • You never have to worry about picking the wrong color when you color the real thing
  • Your mind can focus on being creative with each colored area since you know the basic color scheme will look good