Love Coloring? Hate Dullsville?

Get creative and gain confidence with the most enjoyable coloring course on the block.

Stop Struggling and Learn Coloring

Conquer Concepts You Struggle With the Most

The course contains 6 individual classes that will help you easily overcome obstacles you've been facing such as blends that aren't smooth, muddy skin tones, flat looking pages, and shading that just seems off.

Learn to Color in a Way That Actually Makes Sense

Between the narrated videos, step by step instructional books, and personal support for questions and advice, there's no way you'll ever get lost or confused, even if you're a complete beginner.

Get Inspired and Exercise Your Creativity

With stockpiles of coloring pages, inspirational reference photos, and practice pages to test out your new skills, you'll never feel "blocked" or get bored with coloring. Creativity needs to be nourished, and we help you with that!

"Adult Coloring is Great for Relieving Stress!"

But wait... is it really?

Coloring is supposed to be fun… relaxing even.

But be honest… How often do you find yourself sitting down to color, only to end up frustrated and stressed out when you can’t make things look how see them in your head?

It’s super discouraging to spend hours and hours of your time coloring a drawing you’re really excited about, only for it to turn out dull, flat, and lifeless. What’s more discouraging is not knowing how to fix it, and continuing to make the same mistakes on every page you color.

Now every time you color you don’t feel “relaxed” or “stress-free” like all those coloring book publishers promised. You feel anxious and worried that you’re going to create a disappointment again.

Make Your Favorite Pastime More Enjoyable, More Therapeutic, and More Gratifying

When you approach coloring from a position of knowledge and understanding,

you can shut off from fears and anxieties and just have fun!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel really really happy about the drawing you’ve spent so much time coloring? To be amazed at how much space and depth you created, how incredible your colors blend and flow together, how much excitement and vitality you brought to what started as a lifeless black and white drawing?

Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of adult coloring or have been coloring for years, our unique step by step approach for learning to color will get you coloring pages that will wow you every time.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Christopher Kerry
Who the hell is he and what makes his coloring classes so damn special?

What makes the Learn Coloring course so unique is, well... Christopher. Or his experience, to be more precise. Christopher is not a self taught artist. He did not learn what he teaches from watching YouTube videos or reading crafter's blogs.

Christopher has been a professional artist for over 20 years. He learned some of what he knows from professional artists in an accredited art college. He learned even more when he traveled to Rome to study painting. 
But there's a huge difference between knowing how to do something and knowing how to teach someone else how to do that thing.


Christopher does...

During his 8 years as the lead instructor at the Southern Oregon Art Academy, Christopher taught hundreds of real people to find the creative spark to make art.

Many of the students he taught are now working professional artists who pay their bills with their art. Some of them found the strength and self esteem they needed to overcome major addiction, while others improved their lives by feeling the pride and accomplishment that making beautiful things brings.

The thing that makes the Learn Coloring Course so damn special is the results.

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