What Learn Coloring Will Teach You

The course contains 6 individual classes that will help you easily overcome obstacles you've been facing such as blends that aren't smooth, muddy skin tones, flat looking pages, and shading that just seems off.

MODULE 1: Damsels and Dinosaurs


Choosing the right color is tricky. How many times have you started a new page excited and raring to go, only to get lost in the middle unsure of what color to use next?

You're lost. So you do what you can and start filling it in willy nilly hoping for the best. Sometimes it all works out in the end, but most times your page ends up looking like a constipated clown threw up his lunch of crayons and paint all over it.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to choose colors that work for every page, every time?

In This Module You'll Learn How To:​

  • Pick your most important color
  • Make sure every other color you pick works
  • Mix colors when you don't have the colors you need

Blending and shading... it's hard, right? With every page you color you have to blend and shade, but no matter how many tutorials you watch or stupid little "blending" squares you color, it seems like every color needs its own special technique!

If you're tired of losing a page due to muddy colors, or blending colors only to make it look like tiger stripes when there's no tiger anywhere on the page, this class will solve your blending problems forever.

In This Module You'll Learn:​

  • The four major blending techniques for beautiful transitions
  • The secret to perfect blending for every color, every time
  • How to eliminate your blending and shading problems for good

MODULE 2: Here There Be Dragons


MODULE 3: Awesome Anime


Color shape is something you've probably never even heard of, but you have seen it used even if you didn't recognize it.

Have you ever finished a coloring and decided you're unhappy with it? When your color is good and your blending is fine but you still can't figure out why your picture looks “wrong”, the answer is almost always that your color shapes are wrong!

Have you ever noticed how animated cartoons look great even without blending and shading? That's the power of color shape!

In This Module You'll Learn:​

  • Why each color in your page has a special shape
  • How to use color shapes to create perfect pages without any blending or shading
  • How to get that cartoon animation look to make your pages unique

When coloring skin, do you find yourself reaching for the same three colors time after time? You know what I mean – it's always some combination of “peach” and “brown”, and let's face it, it's boring as hell.

If you're tired of the same three-color blends that usually look more like makeup than skin, you're gonna love this class.

In This Module You'll Learn How To:​

  • Use blues and greens to color skin tones that look natural and alive
  • Create shadows without using dark colors to avoid that “muddy” look
  • Add skin textures that make your characters look real

MODULE 4: Under The Sea


MODULE 5: Mythical Maidens


When you color something in the background, does it actually go back into space, or does it look like it was colored on a flat piece of paper? Let me ask you something... Is flat ever a good thing? Flat tires, flat soda, flat hair... nope, not good.

You work your ass off on your shading and highlights in an attempt to make your picture look 3D, but in the end it still looks flat and lifeless. Isn't shading supposed to make things look round? Well yes, but that's only half the story.

In This Module You'll Learn How To:​

  • Use color in a way that makes your whole picture look 3D
  • Create spacious backgrounds that your characters seem to actually live in and can move around in
  • Use the right amount of detail in just the right ways to make your pages pop

Coloring pages that look like paintings?? But... “coloring isn't art!” How many times have you heard someone say that?

What a bunch of dumb asses. Coloring is more often than not the most important part of a work of art!

With this class you can feel confident to go beyond the simple “coloring book” methods and create pages that look like actual paintings!

In This Module You'll Learn How To:​

  • Create unique color combinations through color glazing
  • Make your colors look like they were applied with a paint brush
  • Develop a “focal point” that will make people want to continue looking at your coloring page

MODULE 6: Mastering Mucha


No Time Limits for Completing Classes

You can start the course on your schedule, whenever it works best for you. There is no time limit for completing the course, so you can take a long as you need to work through each class.

24/7 Unlimited Lifetime Access

You will have unlimited lifetime access to your entire library of classes across any and all devices you own, and are welcome to stick around in our coloring community to get advice and guidance as long as you need to.

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The course is delivered and taught entirely online so you learn to color from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home. It works on any device, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.