What Others Are Saying About Our Learn Coloring Course...

Check out the reviews we have received from happy people of different ages and experience levels who have learned to color from Christopher Kerry!


"If you think you are not good, that you will never learn, that your work is flat and doesn't make you happy, join this course and you will just bloom in no time!"

"Christopher and Rachel are the most helpful team you will ever meet. Christopher is that kind of instructor you know is always behind your shoulder to help you when you have a problem, to show you what you did good when you think you didn't, and to discuss the problem with you one on one. He will always push you a step further, he is the greatest instructor you can dream of.

You don't even have to have expensive Copic markers, if you have Prismacolor pencils you will fit in the class like everybody else because there is instructions in all the classes for those Prismacolor users."

Ninon Truax

"The quality of the materials and the amount my ability has grown is hugely greater than with any other classes I've tried."

"My coloring skills have really improved since joining Christopher's classes. Even better, my confidence has grown immensely. One of my favourite things about the classes is that each month the project we work on is a different style. This continually pushes me to try new things and to gain new techniques and skills.

In addition to the class materials, being part of the online group is one of the best parts. The group is fantastic - like an extended family. Christopher is very active in the group and provides lots of great advice in addition to the critiques. Other students don't hesitate to jump in to give suggestions or offer support. Love this group!"

Lynn Cartan

"This is a must have class for those people who would like to get a little more out of their coloring."

"Before I joined this wonderful group my coloring was pick up a pencil, fill in a section, go to the next section. Very 2d, now I can get shape and form, skin coloring is almost automatic, shading easy and every month there is just an amazing group of pictures to color to your hearts content. This is a must have class for those people who would like to get a little more out of their coloring and at 57 years of age its not just for the young ones."

Lynda Haymes

"Christopher's classes come with some of the best support material I have ever seen."

"Each of Christopher's classes comes with some of the best support material I have ever seen for online learning: videos, practice pages, step-by-step PDFs, reference photos, and color charts, so even if Copic markers aren't your thing, you can take advantage of what he has to teach.

There are hundreds of free coloring tutorials on YouTube that deal with papercraft-type coloring. If you want to take your skills to the next level to create colored art that looks like a painting, these are the classes for you. Give them a try."

Heidi Berthiaume

"I've learned more about color theory from you and your videos than I ever have from anyone."

"I honestly feel like I stumbled upon a gold mine finding you. I've been wanting to take my coloring to another level all year. More than a "crafting" level of coloring. I've learned more about color theory from you and your videos than I ever have from anyone. It's clicking in my brain. Thank you for this course."

Deedra Eastep Kerby

"My coloring has improved so much and I am enjoying myself more and more."

"I can not believe how much I have learned and continue to learn from the coloring classes.

The feedback I get from Christopher Kerry and other students has been so helpful. I would recommend (and have) Christopher Kerry's coloring course to anyone wanting to improve their coloring skills."

Karen Stedman

"Christopher pushes you to expand your imagination and your skills."

"I have only been taking these classes for 2 months. The quality of materials is excellent, the personal instruction is awesome and the wonderful attention given by both Christopher Kerry and Rachel Nichols is amazing. Christopher pushes you to expand your imagination and your skills. Everyone is the group is supportive and helpful. Thank you for all you do!"

Debbi Bailey

"ANY colourist of ANY level will be able to create something beautiful by following the classes in this course."

"I would really recommend Christopher's coloring course to anyone wanting to learn more about the art of colouring and how different techniques and layering unusual colours on top of each other can bring out some truly beautiful and realistic effects.

Everything is explained in really understandable terms without seeming dumbed down or patronising.

They are so well put together that you will never miss a step - Chris is right there with you for every stroke. The conversion chart includes swatches of each colour used in the tutorial, so even if you want to colour with pencils or other media you can still match the colours and apply Chris's advice accordingly."

Claire Eadie

"Excellent course for this beginner!"

"Very supportive and responsive in answering questions in a way that makes sense. I've gone from interested in learning coloring to very interested in both coloring and drawing. All thanks to the inspirational teaching from Christopher."

Lynda Feng

"Informative and instructional for those that are beginners or experienced."

"Not only does he help improve your coloring but also your confidence with very in depth critiques.

Christopher Kerry has allowed me to have something to look forward to every single month (more so than Christmas morning!). Thrilled to be a part of this amazing group."

Jane Proffitt

The images below were colored by our wonderful students with the guidance of Christopher Kerry.

There are a variety in mediums used, from markers to colored pencils and even digital! Click to display the full image.