Bonus Gifts

Stressed: How to Survive & Thrive

E-book by Grace Sidberry, Ph.D.

Based on sound scientifically based information, this easy-read e-book explains the impact of stress on your body, mind and emotions. It also provides you with clear, actionable strategies for effectively managing stress.

Guided Meditation

Mp3 by Bryan Forsythe

Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress and make you happier. This quick and easy 7 minute guided meditation will help you relax and calm your mind. Practice on your own before you start coloring for a positive and stress-free experience.

Crack the Depression Code

E-Book by Bryan Forsythe

A devoted family man, artist, and motivational speaker, Bryan uses clear non-technical language in this how-to guide featuring the  most important steps he has taken to remain focused, successful, and drug free after struggling with depression for 30 years.